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Coachella 2014 woo

Do You Really Wanna Know About Some Gangsta Sh*t?

I begin with apologies to my grandparents, probably my only loyal readers, because I intend to write about something exclusive to Penn today. So, from what I’ve gathered, Chi Omega and Beta Theta Pi threw a party last week that [...]

February 19, 2014 Soapbox Blog, Uncategorized

Rethinking the Jones Act

While America has been spearheading free trade agreements all around the world (not without pushback), the country can still boast certain very restrictive trade laws of its own. The Jones Act, a section of the 1920 Merchant Marine Act, mandates [...]

July 27, 2013 Soapbox Blog, Uncategorized
Time is Running Out

Time is Running Out

Ah, the Super-Committee. Remember them? To back-track, the super-committee was formed in August to cut spending as part of the infamous debt ceiling deal. They were given till November 23rd to report back with a solution, or billions in automatic budget [...]

November 10, 2011 Soapbox Blog, Uncategorized

Huntsman in Limbo

Perhaps the Huntsman campaign was still-born — doomed from the beginning to be a soothing sideshow to a bombastic, shallow Republican primary. It’s occasionally a refreshing break for this Northeastern liberal elitist, tired of hearing about the fate awaiting Ben [...]

August 22, 2011 Soapbox Blog, Uncategorized

Blog-post the Second, in which I rant about immigration

I’m spending my summer doing immigration research and advocacy for the American Jewish Committee, and I suppose that the result of being immersed in immigration for 10 hours a day is that I’m simply flabbergasted that it is, thus far, [...]

June 3, 2011 Soapbox Blog, Uncategorized
Mama Grizzlies

Tea Party Feminism: An Oxymoron?

On November 9, 2010, Tina Fey was awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Known for her spot-on impressions of the former Vice Presidential candidate and Alaskan Governor, she made certain to give credit where credit was due, to [...]

March 18, 2011 Soapbox Blog, Uncategorized

ACE Egypt Forum II: People Power in the Middle East – Strategies for Success

Hinh’s post hits on most of the key issues related to the role of media, new and old, in the ongoing crisis in Egypt. But events Tuesday have made clear some of the limits of those vectors for change. Starting [...]

February 5, 2011 Soapbox Blog, Uncategorized

The One With Lebanon

A lot has happened in the Middle East lately, but one thing deserves to be carved out from the rest. That is the situation in Lebanon. On Tuesday, mirroring events in Egypt, large crowds of Lebanese took to the streets [...]

January 27, 2011 Soapbox Blog, Uncategorized
The One With All Our Shame

The One With All Our Shame

In an Islamic country, students are taking to the streets of the capital in a show of energetic defiance of a staid and autocratic regime. They are utilizing social media to communicate with one another as well as the outside [...]

January 13, 2011 Soapbox Blog, Uncategorized
The One With All The Nonsense

The One With All The Nonsense

Just a quick post as I assemble information for Part II of my Iraq update. Hasn’t this been a big week for news? Government formation finally gains pace in Iraq, violence threatens along Sudan’s North-South faultline, Charlie Rangel finally receives [...]

November 19, 2010 Soapbox Blog, Uncategorized