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The True Price of the Olympics

  By Isaac Blancas “Fazemos um novo futuro.” One of many chants I overhear from news channels around Latin America. While my native language is Spanish, I can still understand the actions and reactions of the Brazilians in Portuguese, and [...]

February 11, 2014 Global, Print Edition

The "Special Relationship"

  By Nikhil Subbiah The brief time that I have spent in the United States has given me some insights into the American perception of my home country, the United Kingdom. In seeking to explore the relationship between the two, [...]

February 11, 2014 Global, Print Edition
38th Parallel

North Korean Defector Speaks Out: The Truth Beyond the 38th Parallel

By Luis A. Ferré Sadurní Edited by Sean Foley The look of surprise and happiness on the faces of members of the International Affairs Association (IAA) as students continued to pour in to the G06 auditorium in Huntsman Hall on [...]

October 3, 2013 Global, Online Only

A Tale of Two Chinas

By John Cheo Politics is often infected with a heavy dose of Orwellian doublespeak; to get at the truth or, more modestly, an interpretation of events less contradictory to the facts, it is imperative that one scrutinizes whatever the media [...]

September 15, 2013 Global, Print Edition

President Alexander Lukashenko: A Brief Look Into Europe’s Last Dictatorship

By: Anthony Cruz It is rare to hear Belarus counted among states accused of human rights violations. American scholars, commentators, and writers tend to focus on China, Iran, Syria, and North Korea as the world’s worst human rights offenders.  Since [...]

May 5, 2013 Global, Print Edition

The Cold War Days are Over

By: Gregory Segal In December 1991, after over 45 years of bitter rivalry with the United States, the Soviet Union suddenly disappeared from the world map.  With the Soviet Union’s abrupt disintegration, Americans quickly believed that the Cold War, and [...]

May 5, 2013 Global, Print Edition

Time to Get Serious: The Way Forward for Struggling European Economies

By: Edoardo SaravalleActor Gerard Depardieu’s public renunciation of his French citizenship in response to the 75% marginal tax rate instituted in France by President Francois Hollande acted as a warning sign, suggesting that Europe’s high tax model is quickly becoming obsolete. [...]

May 5, 2013 Global, Print Edition

The Spanish Solution to Austerity Cuts: Protest

By: Raquel Macgregor After hearing Romney’s “I don’t want to go down the path to Spain” comment during the first U.S. 2012 presidential debate, I had to laugh at the irony of my choice of Seville, Spain for my semester [...]

May 5, 2013 Global, Print Edition

Legalization Implications: Unintended Positive Externalities of Marijuana Legalization

By: Casey Anderson Two states in the United States recently passed measures legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. While this is treated as a somewhat comical situation in the U.S., it has unintended ramifications for foreign policy in Latin America [...]

March 6, 2013 Global, Print Edition

A Brief Look Into Venezuelan Foreign Policy: In Cahoots With Others To Annoy Washington

By: Anthony Cruz Under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has seen itself become a more prominent (and often controversial) participant in the international community.  In this capacity, Venezuela has also become more of a nuisance to American foreign policy, [...]

March 6, 2013 Global, Print Edition