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Snakebit? How the New Chinese Leadership Can Move Forward

By: Brian Liu Despite China’s recent economic success, social and economic problems lie just beyond the horizon. These issues include an unsustainable economic model, a failed One-Child policy, and political corruption.  The burden of these problems now falls into the [...]

March 6, 2013 Global, Print Edition

The Spanish Solution to Austerity: Protest

By: Raquel MacGregor After hearing Romney’s “I don’t want to go down the path to Spain” comment during the first U.S. 2012 presidential debate, I had to laugh at the irony of my choice of Seville, Spain for my semester [...]

March 6, 2013 Global, Print Edition

The Argentine Affair: Kirchner at a Crossroads

By: Aidan McConnell As Argentina contends with rising inflation, looming economic stagnation, and concerns about a return to authoritarianism, protests—some 700,000 strong—have rocked the streets of Buenos Aires and cities around the world. Comprised of predominantly middle-income Argentinian citizens, the [...]

March 6, 2013 Global, Print Edition

When Engagement Triumphs Isolation

By John Cheo LET’S TAKE a walk down memory lane. Remember the kid in middle school with whom no one would form a team for a group project because he sounded, acted, dressed, or smelled weird? Or the kid in [...]

February 9, 2013 Global, Print Edition

We are a nation. We decide.

By: Isaac A. Blancas “Queremos independencia desde austeridad de España,”  translated as “we want independence from Spain’s austerity.” This was only one of the many chants that rang out across the Cortes Generales, Spain’s main parliamentary institution, during the mass [...]

February 9, 2013 Global, Print Edition

10 Things You Did Not Know About Kim Jong Il

By: Anthony Cruz 1)   Birth: For all of those who didn’t know, Kim Jong Il was a god. He is shown by Soviet records to have been born in 1941 in the Soviet Union while his father was in exile.  [...]

February 9, 2013 Global, Print Edition

A Missing Controversy

By Lalita Clozel Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief and founder of WikiLeaks, escaped British house arrest this June to take shelter in the embassy of Ecuador, which has since then granted him political asylum. But since the U.K. will not allow [...]

November 15, 2012 Global, Online Only

Another Triumphant Ring for the Chávez Regime

By Tomas Piedrahita Amid outrage, violence, and his closest race to date, Hugo Chávez claimed his seat as Venezuelan President for the fourth time on Sunday, October 7th. A former lieutenant colonel that has reigned over the country since 1999, [...]

October 17, 2012 Global, Online Only
Russia Dec 24, Bayroff

December Thaw

By: Logan Bayroff For the first time in quite a long time, something new is happening in Russia. Sure, the former superpower has popped up in the news now and then since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Stories about [...]

January 16, 2012 Global, Online Only

Does US Food Aid Cause Famine?

by Melissa Roberts Given the horrifying stories of famine and suffering in the Horn of Africa, it seems absurd to propose a reduction of in-kind US food aid to Africa. Yet this might be the only way to end the [...]

November 21, 2011 Global, Print Edition