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Groupthink and Polarization: A Tale of Redistricting

By Jonathan Iwry The last few decades, particularly since the start of the 21st century, have seen a significant rise in polarization. Politically, American society is fundamentally divided, and tensions are running high. It might be tempting to conclude that [...]

May 5, 2014 National, Print Edition

Regulatory Overaction: From Crisis to Bad Laws

By Jordan Rosman Richard Nixon once remarked that the most dangerous period of a crisis “is the aftermath” because “with all his resources spent and his guard down, … an individual must watch out for dulled reactions and faulty judgment.” [...]

May 5, 2014 National, Print Edition
NCAA Basketball

For the Love of the Game? NCAA Athletes’ Amateur Status

By Dillon Mahoney Slated to begin June 9th is a contest that will prove historic for collegiate athletics, and it will happen far away from the playing field. Former UCLA Bruins basketball star Ed O’Bannon will be switching courts as [...]

May 5, 2014 National, Print Edition
NFL Television

Dear NFL, Respect your Stakeholders: End the Blackout Policy

By Christian Moore As the 2014 wild card playoff game between the San Diego Chargers and the Cincinnati Bengals crept closer, serious concerns arose as to whether the Cincinnati faithful would have the opportunity to root for their Bengals on [...]

May 5, 2014 National, Print Edition

Is Congress' Role in Affairs of Major League Baseball Justified?

By Victor Castro On February 7th, after months of arbitration, Alex Rodriguez dropped his lawsuit against Major League Baseball for being dealt a 212-game suspension. Although the suspension was appealed and has since been reduced to 162 games, it represents the longest suspension ever given for a [...]

May 5, 2014 National, Print Edition
Ten Dollars

Minimum Wage: An Affront to Federalism

By Jordan Rosman Can the federal government regulate intrastate commerce? Anybody with a basic understanding of U.S. constitutional law would answer an emphatic “no”: the constitution only affords the federal government the power to regulate interstate commerce. Article I of [...]

March 18, 2014 National, Print Edition

Nothing to Hide? Why Privacy Matters … Even for the Innocent

By Zachary Slayback The 2013 revelations of Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers threw the issue of 21st century surveillance and privacy into the limelight of public discourse. Even with widespread distrust in our governments to follow the constitutional procedures binding [...]

March 18, 2014 National, Print Edition
One World Trade Center

From Ash, A Quiet Confidence Rises

By Jonathan Fried This year, One World Trade Center will finally open its doors to the world as rebirth incarnate, an immensely powerful symbol of American resilience and strength. It has endured its fair share of criticisms: its 1776-meter height [...]

March 18, 2014 National, Print Edition

Gender Standards in the Modern Military

By Arielle Klepach Almost one year ago, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ordered all military branches to open combat- arms roles to women. Many view this decision as a step towards increased gender equality, but the shift has not come without [...]

March 18, 2014 National, Print Edition

The Climate-Investment Negative Feedback Loop

By Thomas Andrew Simpson Edited by Jordan Dannenberg             In this day and age, it is widely accepted that climate change is here to stay, and the widespread consensus is that humans are to blame. [...]

March 16, 2014 National, Online Only