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Russia Dec 24, Bayroff

December Thaw

By: Logan Bayroff For the first time in quite a long time, something new is happening in Russia. Sure, the former superpower has popped up in the news now and then since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Stories about [...]

January 16, 2012 Global, Online Only

Poverty through a Clear Lens

By Alexia Nader Edited by Emily Kim The statistics of the U.S. Census Bureau’s new experimental poverty measure are staggering: 16% of the population in the country is living in poverty, about 2.5 million more people than we previously thought. [...]

December 1, 2011 National, Online Only

Riding the Cain Train

By: Nathan Emmons Edited by: Urja Mittal Strange things are afoot in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. To paraphrase “The Daily Show” correspondent Larry Wilmore, it would be something special for the first black president to be kicked [...]

October 15, 2011 National, Online Only

School Choice: True Reform

By Bobby Chajson Edited by David Chen Our children are our future. This cliché seems laughable when looking at America’s floundering education system.  A report in December from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ranked US students 25th in [...]

February 22, 2011 National, Online Only

MeetingHouse: Egypt and US Policy

Penn Political Review is proud to announce a new feature: the Meeting House. Every few weeks, we’ll ask students and faculty for their opinions on a topic of current concern. This week’s question is, “what course of US policy would [...]

February 15, 2011 MeetingHouse, Online Only