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Guest Post: Kate Ham March 28, 2011 Campus Issues, Soapbox Blog No Comments on Guest Post: Kate Ham

Note: PPR is opening its blog to guest posts from all candidates in the upcoming student government elections, through Friday at close of voting. We encourage candidates to submit an article, of any length, discussing any issue they are concerned with. Please send your submission, along with any photos you would like to appear in the post, to online [dot] ppr [at] gmail [dot] com.

Dear Penn Political Review Readers,

My name is Kate Ham, and I’m running for the UA with the goal that in the future, students will be more directly involved with PSG, bringing the issues that afflict their organizations to the table independently. Through the development of materials explaining the UA and 5B’s role in student life, and publicizing the Associate Member (AM) program, in which students can propose and work on UA initiatives without running for election, I believe we can increase political efficacy on campus and encourage active involvement in a wider breadth of student groups.

Student organizations should be encouraged to work together, collaborating to bring attention to gaps and inefficiencies within the system, but to still maintain their individuality so that every student has a home here at Penn. I aim to develop and/or renovate group meeting places in order to facilitate collaboration and communication between student groups of all types, and work to bring the UA closer to students as both a resource and as an opportunity for involvement.

I’m currently endorsed by Penn Democrats, United Minority Council (UMC), and the Assembly of International Students (AIS); with their faith in my ability to represent the issues they feel are most significant, I hope you can feel confident that I will represent and fight for your best interests in the upcoming year. More information about what I feel are realistic and accomplishable goals for the UA can be found on my website:, and please feel free to contact me at with any questions or comments about my campaign and goals.

If you feel like Penn needs a Ham Job, I hope that from now until April 1st at 5:00PM, you’ll vote Kate Ham for UA Wharton Representative! (Results come quickly.)

Thank you for your time,

Kate Ham

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