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An Interview with Donald Trump March 18, 2014 Interviews, Print Edition No Comments on An Interview with Donald Trump

Donald Trump

By Anthony Cruz

Donald Trump graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Economics from the Wharton School of Business in 1968.

Do you plan on running for President again or pursuing politics in the future?

DT: I have not decided. I know the country could use a strong leader. I will always be interested in politics because I care about the US. It’s a big responsibility to have public office and I am very busy with my own businesses. So we’ll see.

Dysfunction in Washington has reached a new time high, especially with the shutdown and fights over Obamacare. How do you feel about the state of our current politics?

DT: I think they are a mess. There is no leadership and the people have lost confidence in our President and the government as a whole. It’s not a positive situation.

Do you believe that the Republican Party is broken? Is there any room for moderates?

DT: Not broken, but not in a good state either. Leadership seems to have disappeared on all fronts.

What are your views about the re- emergence of China on the world stage? Is that, ultimately, a good or bad thing for the US? In the business world, what does China do well?

DT: China is exceptionally shrewd at the manipulation of currency. They have made a huge amount of money that way. China is definitely a power to be reckoned with.

What are your views on Dodd-Frank and Wall Street reform in general? Is there good regulation or does it often serve as an impediment?

DT: Any reform on Wall Street is bound to be complicated and ultimately ineffective. Part of the game is to use the system for personal gain. That’s a fact of life on Wall Street.

Could you tell us about your undergraduate experience at Penn? What advice do you have for Penn students that want to make it big, either on Wall Street or in Washington?

DT: The Wharton School is the finest school of its kind. I learned a great deal there and have great respect for it. Anyone who gains admittance is in a fortunate position. The best advice I have for students is to find something you love doing. Passion is absolutely necessary in order to succeed, and in order to survive the bad times. It provides the tenacity, energy and momentum that will allow you to accomplish your goals.

This interview was conducted in early February and contains minor edits for clarity and grammar.

This interview originally appeared in the Spring 2014 edition of PPR.

Image (Attribution License) courtesy of Gage Skidmore on Flickr.

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