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Sports in Poor Places


By Kamar Saint-Louis To many individuals, sports are considered a fun way to stay healthy, as well as engage in competition. Having been an athlete for most of my life, I can attest that the rush that a participant gets from competition is one of the best feelings that one can experience. And for athletes, there is [...]

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Argentine and American Polarization

"Argentina Protests

By Nadia Tareen Last October, during my semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I recall my host mom commenting to me as we watched the news over dinner, “Wow, the politics in your country are just as bad as they are here!” The U.S. government had just shut down. At various points during my experience in Latin America, [...]

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Is Congress' Role in Affairs of Major League Baseball Justified?

By Victor Castro On February 7th, after months of arbitration, Alex Rodriguez dropped his lawsuit against Major League Baseball for being dealt a 212-game suspension. Although the suspension was appealed and has since been reduced to 162 games, it represents the longest suspension ever given for a Performance Enhancing Drug-related (PED) infraction and dwarfs the 50-game suspension typically given [...]

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Palestinian Education: Success Amidst Struggle

class room at community centre BASR

  By: James Townsend The modern situation of a Palestinian living in either the Gaza Strip or the West Bank today is not good. Despite Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005, upwards of 94% of supposedly Palestinian territory, that is, territory designated as Palestinian by the 1993 Oslo [...]

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NASA: To Infinity and Beyond


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is one of the most controversial agencies of the American government. Although in the past American officials prioritized space exploration and innovation, policymakers today often question the need for an organization dedicated to investigating non-Earth matters. The scope of NASA’s endeavors, however, extend beyond [...]

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A Pulitzer Prize For A Truly Public Service

Earlier this afternoon came the most anticipated announcement of the year among American journalists and journalism junkies, myself included: the winners of the 2014 Pulitzer Prizes.  With it, news outlets everywhere are starting to report on the who’s-hot-who’s-not of the winners. The hottest, everyone seems to agree, is the prize [...]

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What McCutcheon Means for the Future of Campaign Financing


Since SCOTUS broke their decision to strike down caps on aggregate donations to individual campaigns, parties, and political action committees, there has been much debate on the issue. The left has decried the decision for perpetuating the “1%” politics that of Citizen’s United, while the right has praised the decision for [...]

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The Influence of Climate Change

The climate is deteriorating. While in the past, experts have often disagreed about the pervasive influence of climate change on our world, recent investigations have revealed the severity of these alterations and their possible implications. Both nongovernmental and governmental organizations have endeavored to resolve these issues; their efforts, however, have [...]

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A Charitable Solution For The Minimum Wage Debate

It’s easy to become disillusioned with all the debate that’s been had about minimum wage laws in recent months. The reckless appeals to emotion are more than a little bit jarring—“equality!” from the left, “efficiency!” from the right—and hopes of reaching anything but a deadlock are uncommon, to say the [...]

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Is Chris Christie Too Big of a Bully for 2016?

In the past few months, Chris Christie’s name seems to have assumed a permanent spot in the headlines. Between “Bridgegate” and now the most recent stories that report that Tesla can no longer sell cars in New Jersey, Christie’s approval ratings have dropped fairly quickly. To give some background: In [...]

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